Latest Photo Booth Software Updates

Photo Booth Software – Darkroom Booth

1. Export order data like email address
With version 9.1.1934 and later in the Orders Tab> Completed Orders select a range of orders and then right click with your mouse. At the bottom of that menu you will see “Export Order Data”. Selecting that will allow you to save a CSV file with all of the info on that order including email address.  Watch Video

2. Sort images by dragging
In the Photo Library you can click and drag an image to reorder them visually and when you publish that event to Photoreflect they will stay in the order. 

3. Scale up to large events/studios
Using one copy of Pro and one or more copies of Core you can network and share catalogs, borders and printers to create a system that will scale to any size crowd at an event or a studio.

4. See sales and usage reports based on user
By creating administrator and use accounts and having employees log in you can see reports on each person’s sales and other reports.

5. Save settings like color corrections to reapply later
In the Photo Library and the Photo Workshop click on the Attributes menu under the Darkroom logo and you can save a variety of different attributes for reapplying to other images.  Watch Video

6. Work with RAW images
Darkroom can work with RAW images from most Canon and Nikon cameras as easily as JPGs.

7. Print sales receipts to a plain paper printer
If you set pricing in your package set ups and then set up a laser or other office type printer in Fulfillment Options> Receipt Options Darkroom will print a receipt of your sale automatically.  Watch Video

8. View a histogram in the photo library
In the Photo Library select View under the Darkroom logo and choose View Photo Info List to see a histogram of the image exposure.

9. Design wedding albums using the Border Workshop
Using the Border Workshop you can design an entire series of page layouts for the popular flush mount style albums and then just drag and drop your images in the Photo Workshop into the photo openings. Using the color picker and text prompts you can customize the pages for a one of a kind, unique look.

10. Darkroom can capture from your scanner
If you have a twain scanner installed on your computer you can choose Import>Acquire From and choose your scanner from the list. Your scanners software will load and after scanning the image will appear in the selected catalog.


Breeze DSLR remote Pro

These releases include a new easy to use drag and drop layout editor, QR codes and “pop art” creative filter. These exciting new features are described in more detail below.
Please note: Webcam Photobooth will also be updated in the coming weeks to include the new drag and drop layout editor, support for QR codes and the thumbnail previews.

Simple but powerful print layout editor

Latest Photo Booth Software Updates

The new print layout editor provides a simple way to quickly edit photo booth print layouts. Simply use the mouse to move, resize and rotate photos and captions directly in the print preview display. Alternatively keyboard shortcuts can be used for precise control. The editor comes complete with undo/redo, the importing of background and overlay images, editing of photo and caption positions, sizes and rotation, QR codes and the importing and exporting of complete print layouts for easy archiving and sharing.

Please visit the templates page for a selection of free print templates to get you started.

Easy access to the main photobooth settings using photobooth shortcut buttons
Latest Photo Booth Software Updates

The optional photobooth shortcut display adds buttons for quick access to the main photobooth functions from the main window.

QR Codes

A QR code can now be added to the print layout allowing people to scan the photo with their cell phones and jump to the website of your choice.

Photo Booth Software

Photo Booth Software

Display thumbnails of the photos taken so far

Latest Photo Booth Software Updates

Display a small thumbnail of the photos taken so far beside the live view display. The thumbnails can be displayed horizontally across the screen or vertically down the screen as shown in the screenshot above.

New “pop art” creative filter (DSLR Remote Pro for Windows and NKRemote only)

Photo Booth Software

Photo Booth Software

The new “pop art” creative filter produces colorful results reminiscent of the work of Andy Warhol. Please note you need to use a green or blue background to get the best results from this filter.

Photo Booth Software
Free photobooth templates with DSLR Remote Pro for Windows v3.0, NKRemote 3.0 and PSRemote 3.0

Other enhancements

The number of photobooth profiles has been increased from 8 to 18 for more flexible configurations e.g. making it easier to offer the choice of more backgrounds when shooting green screen photos.

Increased the number of photobooth captions from 2 to 8 for more flexibility in print layouts.

DSLR Remote Pro for Windows v3.0 also adds support for the Canon Rebel T5 (aka EOS 1200D) and NKRemote v3.0 adds support for the Nikon D4s.


Social Booth v2

One software, so many uses

Social Booth works with Canon DSLR, Canon Powershot or Webcam. Run it as a standard photo booth to print photos. Set it up as a video booth or animated GIF Booth. Shoot with Green Screen or Filters. Run it as a Twitter Wall. Create a retail photo booth to accept credit cards or cash. Create Surveys and upload everything to Social Media.

Social Booth is the only photo booth software you need for any occasion.
* See FAQ for full list of supported cameras.

The easiest photo booth software on the market

Select your camera and Go. It’s that simple to start using Social Booth. Setup is a piece of cake. Adding your own print templates? Customizing the backgrounds? Swapping out audio prompts? No problem. Everything is right in the open for you to easily configure.

Quickly set up multiple events in advance and have your operators load them on site without them even needing to see the settings. Load your previous settings to make event creation a snap.



Share photos, videos and GIFs right from the booth

Social Booth allows user to share their photos via a wide variety of social media options. Email, Facebook, Twitter, SMS & Pinterest are all supported. Also upload photos in the background to your own company Facebook page, Twitter profile, Smugmug account or FTP site.

No Internet? No problem. Queue up Emails, SMS, Client Facebook and Client Twitter uploads so you can send them once you are back online

Get more likes, share more hashtags

Social Booth helps you get more likes for your client’s Facebook page by like-gating uploads. Ask or require users to like their page before they upload. And, by inserting your client’s hashtag in Facbook and Twitter uploads, you can promote their social media outreach with every upload.



Make your booth unique

Social Booth comes with it’s own set of user interface graphics, so you don’t really need to change a thing, but if you want to make your booth stand out, you can easily use your own backgrounds, buttons and audio prompts. This even makes using Social Booth with other languages a snap.

Powerful advanced features.

Social Booth has built in green screen removal. Use the built in scenes or customize it with your own. You can even let the user select their own backgrounds. No need for expensive green screen software, you can do it all with Social Booth.

Silly but oh so fun

Animated GIFs are now more popular than ever. Give users the choice of uploading a still photo or Animated GIF, or skip the still photos completely and set up Social Booth as an Animated GIF booth. You can even create Animated GIFs with animated overlays! Users can upload and share their GIFs to Social Media and still print their still photos.


Get creative

Thanks to Instagram, everybody loves filters and Social Booth has them. Let users choose from basic filters like: Color, Black & White, Sepia and a variety of Instagram inspired vintage filters. Or enable Advanced filters like: Cartoon, Sketch, Warhol, Night Vision, Thermography, Pixel Art, Comic Book, Mosaic and Cross Process. Enable or disable the filters that you like

Clients love data

Ask users a series of questions before they are allowed to share their photos. Social Booth will store this data along with email addresses, Facebook and Twitter usernames, as well as other valuable Facebook user info.

Combined with built in reports for social media usage, this kind of data collection provides an opportunity for your client to get insight into their users and even more value out of the activation.

A unique photo booth experience

Use video hosts at your photo booth with Social Booth. Use the built in host or create your own and define cuepoints to trigger the camera and external devices like LEDs and wind machines.

Photoboof 7.83 – In June Photoboof made a number of improvements to their current version of the software (3 releases in fact). These include a long laundry list of features most notably an improved layout editor, multiple background choices for green screen, singleton implementation (only 1 instance of Boof can run now) and a whole host of fixes and tweaks.

Here is a complete list of changes:

  • New layout editor! Much easier to use than the old layout editor, and just as powerful. To use it, click File -> Layout Editor. Usage notes are here. And note that you can still use the old layout editor if you prefer by clicking File -> Layout Editor Classic.
  • Added the ability to have two background choices when using greenscreen. To use, go to Preferences -> Greenscreen and set the greenscreen mode to “Background Chooser – 2 Choices”.
  • Added the ability to shoot square pictures, for easier Instagram sharing. To use, open the new layout editor (File -> Layout Editor) and set the “camera type” to “square pictures”. Now your live view and all pictures will be square.
  • Added a print chooser that lets users choose how many prints they’d like. To use it, go to File -> Configure Printing, and check the box at the bottom labelled “Ask how many prints”. It will now let them choose between 0 and 3 prints.
  • Added the ability to build layouts using whatever test pictures you like, by clicking Test -> Test Layout With Chosen Pics.
  • Added the ability to use any layout built with the new layout editor as a summary, meaning the last screen of the photobooth session. This gives a tremendous amount of control over what you show your users at the end of the session. You can show them the completed layout, or the layout with some additions (“and thanks for using the photobooth!”), etc. To use, go to Preferences -> Summary and select one of the new layouts, or build a new one using the new layout editor.
  • Fixed an issue with rounding the edges on the live preview and trimming from the edges.
  • Changed the webserver system for displaying the slideshow from remote computers, so antivirus programs should no longer get suspicious. You can also have it running on ports other than port 80 now.
  • Added the ability to use physical buttons to emulate all touchscreen buttons. So now you can let users choose their own greenscreen backgrounds or color mode even without having a touchscreen. The gist is you go to Preferences -> Triggers and set the button action to “touchscreen-1” (to trigger the first touchscreen category), etc. More details here and here.
  • Improvements to the OEM rebranding for resellers.
  • Added the ability to use the background chooser for greenscreen backgrounds and still have the background images chosen sequentially. In other words, if someone chooses the second greenscreen category, you can have it use the images in the “button2” greenscreen folder sequentially instead of randomly now.
  • Fixed an issue with the monitored folder and layouts that have less than 4 pictures.
  • Many under the hood improvements.
  • If you’re using the bulk Facebook uploader (in other words, uploading every session to a single Facebook account) and getting logged out of Facebook after a few hours, this should fix that. Note that if you’re using your own app ID you’ll need to go to Preferences -> Facebook and add your app’s “App Secret” code, which you get from More notes in the advanced tip here.
  • Photoboof now checks for multiple instances, and warns if you’re trying to start more than one copy of it simultaneously. In other words, if someone accidentally clicks the shortcut twice, it will warn them about starting it multiple times.
  • Restores the ability to set the paper orientation in Photoboof’s print configuration screen, as opposed to the printer driver.
  • Fixes some issues with the 2nd column of pictures in the new layout editor if you’re using cropping or rotation. If you still experience any issues with the new layout editor, please email support so we can fix it.
  • Fixes an issue with picture confirmations.
  • If file paths are getting truncated in your installation (for example in Preferences -> Greenscreen), this update will fix that.



  • Start screens. Option to replace on-screen button with separate screens to select photo layouts, photo effects, and screen overlays
  • Cover screen options to display a start image or slideshow of photos. Use this for Sparkbooth DSLR to turn off LiveView in between session
  • Update Facebook log in screen and uploader to Facebook’s 2.0 service
  • Post to Facebook event page
  • Photo layout search in photo layout settings to quickly find the layout you want to use
  • Photo layout reset options to select next or random layout for next guest
  • Twilio SMS can now send photo links uploaded to you Facebook, SmugMug, or Flickr accounts
  • Send Photo Later can throttle uploads due for services with rate limits
  • Send all photos to an account email. Great for websites with “post by email” photo galleries like SquareSpace or WordPress
  • Reset Layout Editor customizations for a photo layout – removing any images and text objects
  • Doubled limit of image and text customizations for Personal license users
  • Added counters for Facebook, Twitter, emailing, SMS
  • Submit emails to MailChimp from Send Photo Later queue
  • Keyboard enabled prints count on print prompt screen using arrow keys
  • Hide photo layouts
  • Workaround for Twitter login service changes
  • Click to update from notification
  • Name and re-order counter by dragging and dropping in list
  • Other optimizations and fixes

Sparkbooth DSLR 4.1 includes all the above plus:

  • Support for Canon T5 / 1200D
  • Improved and optimized LiveView memory and CPU usage
  • New DSLR app icon

dslrBooth for Windows


New Features:

  • Integration with (VKontakte) social media site for guests to post to their walls.
  • Ability to turn booth into shooting video only. Add option to fully customize video start screen.
  • Drag + Drop to import photos for processing into dslrBooth for those scenarios where you want to post-process photos into a print without having to load them into dslrBooth data directory one by one. Now, select the number of photos in windows explorer, drag and drop them into dslrBooth, and they’ll get processed.


  • Brighten live view on Canon cameras that do not have an option to turn off Exposure Simulation. Cameras included: T1i, T2i, T3i and their European counterparts. This is useful if you’re shooting with a flash and your live view is very dark since the camera does not know there’s a flash connected.
  • You can disable Smiley Say Cheese photo by adding a – under Settings, Shooting, Say Cheese textbox.
  • Auto advance on sharing screen for videos after # of seconds between groups have elapsed.
  • User Account Control pop-up will no longer appear every time the application is started on Windows 8. It’ll only appear to make the required firewall changes if they have not been setup already.
  • UI enhancements for using template editor on smaller screens