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Our success is linked to your success. That is why we offer free tech support by phone with a good looking live human in Los Angeles. Monday – Friday 10am – 5pm PST Toll-Free Number:1 (888) 530-6661 Local Number:1 (909) 333-7110 For our support manual, video tutorials, articles and more:

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Common Support Questions

Why is my live view slow and the countdown erratic ?

  1. If this is a new or modified screen template, try switching to a stock template such as Blue Leather to test.
  2. If the issue goes away then it is a problem with the screen file.
  3. Try turning off any outlines or drop shadows in the screen design.
  4. Check your timing; for a 5 second countdown you need at least that much time between photos.

Should i upgrade to windows 10?

The AtA Photo Booths team has tested all of our software products with Windows 10 including AtA Photo Booths , Assembly and AtA Photo Booths. We have discovered no issues; however, we strongly advise caution before upgrading any operating system. We have no control over peripheral equipment such as printers, cameras, card readers and the like that may or may not have issues with Windows 10. It is always a good policy to test ALL aspects of your photo booth or event photography set up before using it at an actual event. There is no real benefit to being the first to upgrade to Windows 10 and the new OS may have issues itself that are not public yet. So, use caution and always test your entire system for proper operation before going to any event.

Why is my camera not detected ?

  1. Make sure the camera is turned on and in one of the standard modes (M, P, Tv or Av).
  2. Try a different USB cable.
  3. Try removing the memory card and restart the computer and camera.

Why does my software hang and not start up?

1). Unplug all printer and camera devices, try to start software. 2). If it starts, try plugging in devices one at a time and restart. 3). If it fails again it could be a bad USB cable.

Why won't my printer print ?

  1. If Ataphotobooths doesn’t have a built-in driver for your printer and you are using the Windows Printer Option, make sure you have the correct printer selected in Ataphotobooths. Sometimes Windows creates a copy of the printer (named Copy 1, etc.) when you plug the printer into a different USB port. To verify, go to Devices and Printers in the Windows Control Panel.
  2. If you have Ataphotobooths set to the wrong printer then the software will not print. To keep Windows from adding copies of your printer, it is best to always plug a printer into the same USB port every time to prevent this.
  3. To find out which printer is the correct one, try printing a Windows test page and see if it prints. Then select that printer in Ataphotobooths.

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